The Best B3 Organ Software Plugin I've Heard

The Best B3 Organ Software Plugin I’ve Heard

Jer Bear here, and I’m just espousing my personal opinion on this subject. I have owned various B3 plugins and sample libraries for years, but none of them impact me like the GSi VB3 does (AU and VST). This thing has the grit and soul I’ve been pining for in an organ. I’m not even much of an organ player; most of the electronic music I’ve been writing lately is incompatible with its sound, up to now. But after playing around with the GSi B3 and loving it so much, I want to find a way to start weaving it in to such projects. I’m getting into that vibe a lot lately — changing many synths out for classic electronic instruments. This organ fits the bill perfectly. Beyond that, every preset is absolutely inspiring. My mind drifted immediately into different moods according to each preset. Every one of them could be used without any tweaking and collectively sound better than all of the useable patches in any other emulation I have. Finally, it’s just so damn fun and funky to play with. I encourage you to download and try the demo at least. That’s all it took for me to cough up the 50 Euros.